Sites Like Omegle – The Best Omegle Alternatives in 2021

You are probably here because you are looking for sites like Omegle to have some fun and pass time around with. If you enjoy the occasional funny chat with a stranger or simply trolling people online, you came to the right place. I’ve listed here the best Omegle alternatives for you to play with!

Basically, on Omegle, you don’t know what will come next – is it a group of aggressive people, is it a funny dancer, a cute girl, a magician, or sometimes even the occasional NSFW dude. The thrill of what will come next keeps many people for hours on the site and since I totally understand it, I decided to cover all the best sites that offer the same experience – sites for chatting with strangers. But first of all, let’s try to understand why Omegle is the most popular of all those sites.

Let’s start with a few basic facts. Omegle is around since 2009 and is currently one of the 500 most visited sites in the US right now, according to SEMrush. Omegle is so popular because well… it is popular! This kind of site performs better when there are more users and a chat is found quickly, which eventually leads to even more people visiting the site and increasing the live users count!

Although it’s the most popular site in this category, there are many sites like Omegle that offer a chatting experience and can be a nice alternative when you get bored of Omegle. Now it’s time for the list of sites!

Best sites like Omegle

Before I proceed to the list of Omegle alternatives, it’s very important to say that all those sites should be approached with caution and a certain level of suspicion. You may encounter people who aren’t very nice and should always remember to be on your guard and if you aren’t older than 18 years old, please do not proceed further!


A well-known website that offers free text chatting with others. Isn’t exactly like Omegle, but does remind the chat feature there. They also have a free chatting app that you can download and the site also shows many links to other chat services, both video, and text. It is a great place to start if you are new to chatting with strangers or if you want a simple Omegle alternative. I am attaching a photo of how the chat looks like below. - a site like Omegle


An established website with a huge user count. greatly reminds me of Omegle. According to what I know, the site is available in many languages and offers a great video chatting experience. To enter a random chat, you need to choose your gender (various choices, including couples) and you can also add your interests.

You can start chatting without using your camera, although I surely recommend using your camera or at least a microphone, for the best possible experience. If you want to chat with a specific gender, you’ll have to register and pay $19.99 per month with many additional perks included.

Monkey Web

A site that I found a few weeks ago and grew up insanely in the last few months. Currently, it’s one of the top 7,000 websites in the US according to SEMrush. It has those cool TikTok vibes, and the design of the site is young and attractive. To chat with strangers you must have a camera, otherwise, you won’t be granted access to a random chat. In my opinion, this site is even better than Omegle as it looks much more updated and it’s more fun to use.

You can access the site on or on the dedicated app that is available to download via Google Play (there isn’t an IOS app yet). There is also a paid plan available if you want a special icon next to your name and the ability to filter by gender. I can promise you that this is one of the best Omegle alternatives around!

Emerald Chat

Wow, when I first entered this site I got this feeling of visiting Reddit on all those “to the moon” stock subreddits. It’s not the occasional boring Omegle alternative, but more of a cool and awesome version. Emerald is available for free without the need of registration and offers text chats, video chats, and group chats.

You can add interest tags and try and find people with the same interests. In terms of deciding on what gender you want to chat with, well… you’ll have to open your wallet and say goodbye to almost $4 for a month. In general, you can edit your profile and play with a lot of settings for free, so I believe that sites like Omegle don’t get better than this. Attaching an image of the Emerald Chat chatting options.

Emerald chat


The older generation (born before 1995) should remember this one from their childhood. Chatroulette isn’t just a site like Omegle, it actually went live in the same year! It used to be even more popular in the past, but right now it still has A LOT of international users, including around a million monthly visitors from the US alone. I checked the site inside out and haven’t found any signs of extra services for a certain monthly fee, so it’s pretty safe to say that it’s completely free!

To use Chatroulette, you must have a camera and a microphone. If you don’t have those, check out some of the other sites like Omegle that I listed here.

Chatous (App like Omegle)

Now that I gave you some great sites to choose from, I want to break the pattern a bit. Chatous is an app, available for download on Google Play. The app can be used on any Android device above version 6.0 and the download itself weighs only 30MB.

It is cool and everything but if you expect to find a female friend here or any one of a specific gender basically, this isn’t a good choice. The plans here start from $1 and can reach $200! I went through some reviews of users that purchased the premium perks and was disappointed to see that the app doesn’t handle its promises well. If you are looking for a hook-up, Tinder will be a better choice.

There are some more apps like Omegle but I personally prefer to focus on sites as those apps want to empty your wallet in most cases and most likely you won’t receive a good value for your money.


Now we are back to websites with TinyChat, a rising name in the video chat communities. This isn’t a usual random 1 on 1 chat, it’s more of a chat room. With mind-blowing features and perks available, you’ll have lots of fun on this established and safe website.

When I first came across this site, Twitch came up as my first thought because of the similarity of how those 2 platforms work. But when you get further and start exploring, you’ll see that it’s not the case – you can have an actual video chat with different people and even tip them with coins. If you want, you can also promote your own room so people will join it and have a chat with you!

Most of the rooms allow access only to registered members, which makes sense when the format is a bit different comparing to the other Omegle alternatives. The communities here are cool and diverse and I am sure that everyone will find their piece of heaven on this cool chatting platform.

TinyChat site

Last words about the best sites like Omegle

Thank you for reading this far. I worked really hard on choosing only the best and most safe websites for the Omegle alternatives list. As time will pass, I will keep adding more sites here and maybe will delete some of the ones that appear here already. Eventually, I believe in quality and not in quantity.

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