Sites Like Backpage – The Best Backpage Alternatives in 2021

First of all, let’s say farewell to one of the best ad sites in the history of the web. Backpage was a sensation in the time it operated and helped many businesses reach success by affordable advertising. Now that Backpage is dead, many are looking for sites like Backpage to fill the void. Many may feel that the era of this kind of sites is over, but it’s not quite true – directories and ad sites are still a thing in 2021 and can help your business thrive!

I am here to help you find the best Backpage alternatives in 2021 – all reviewed and deeply checked by me, your SitesDude 😉

Now, without further waste of time, let’s hit the road!

List of the Best Sites Like Backpage

Backpage was closed/raided by the federal law enforcement agencies and some cool alternatives came up, which I will cover now. I made sure that all the sites I am putting here are 100% secure and safe to use and checked them all myself.


Well, let’s start with the biggest alt on our list, one that you’ll find on any list of sites like Backpage. The interface of Craigslist is very similar to the one Backpage had and will surely awaken some old memories if you used to visit Backpage in the past. Being the 36th most visited site in the US according to SEMrush, you can be assured that it’s a safe site to use.

The registration process is very simple and posting a new ad shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The service is free and payment is required only when you are posting a job in the US or Canada. Their automatic location targeting was wrong in my case, so make sure that you double-check.

Although Craigslist looks like a survivor from the 2000-2005 web world, it is still one of the most visited sites and one of the best global Backpage alternatives today in 2021.

Services available on Craigslist
HUGE variety of categories


The e-commerce worldwide giant. One of the first online worldwide marketplaces available. eBay operates for years now and offers a great experience to its sellers. eBay offers some cool advertising features and although it’s not free, the huge user base is often worth the paid fee.

Using eBay is easy but sometimes the number of details that they request can be overwhelming for some people, especially for the older generations.

Of course, eBay isn’t an exact match alternative to Backpage, but it surely can help you if you aim to sell almost any item. For stuff like real estate, cars, and so on, I would recommend using the other sites like Backpage that you’ll find here.

If you enjoy the old-style ads sites like Backpage, this one is surely an awesome alternative to choose! Free Ads Time is a global ads site that offers free ad postings (suspected so when saw their name haha).

Various countries & cities are available worldwide offering postings related to vehicles, services, real estate, jobs, items, pets, etc. When it comes to items we would recommend using eBay for most of the categories but for other kinds of postings, it is surely a great alternative. Keep in mind though that this site isn’t as popular as Craigslist (not even near) and for some areas, you won’t even find a single posting for what you are looking for.

If you are the seller, it is worth posting here too along with the other choices we are going through here. A little negative thing I noticed: although the interface of the site is very simple, it reacts rather slowly and it takes time to load pages, especially on mobile.

Free Ads Time - no posts for the whole area
No ads at all at the main Vehicles category


The social media shark that owns also WhatsApp and Instagram has made it to my list. Starting as a simple website for connecting people online, Facebook became a global media giant with almost unlimited power.

Most of Facebook’s revenue is coming from ad services that they are offering to businesses, and in the last few years, Facebook has worked VERY hard on their Marketplace. You can sell almost anything (it’s always best to check the T&C before) and of course, you can promote your ads to increase the chances of closing your listings successfully.

It is a great Backpage alternative to use, especially now with all the recent updates the Facebook Marketplace went through. I am selling most of my 2nd hand items on the Marketplace.

A quick tip from me: you can even buy some cheap inventory and start selling on the Marketplace! Eventually, you’ll sell it all and can make some nice profit!


Sites like Backpage nowadays will often look very modern and appealing and is no different. Being a famous advertiser based in Netherlands, OLX offers seamless and simple advertising options to their users.

Please note that OLX isn’t offering services for US-based communities and is considered one of the biggest marketplaces in India and other countries. OLX offers a range of packages from totally free to paid and also has an available app for both IOS and Android devices.


I want to introduce you to Kijijijiji… or Kijiji? Anyway, it’s a cool alt for Backpage as it offers a similar experience, just slightly more modern. It is important to note that there is a small issue though… It’s a Canada-exclusive site and isn’t available for other countries at all. So, unfortunately, I couldn’t check this one myself, but I read some nice reviews about Kijiji and it seems fully legit.

If you are from Canada, hit the road with this one along with the other sites like Backpage to increase your chances of selling or finding the item/property you are looking for. They offer a free plan along with 2 paid plans – each plan will offer higher visibility than the previous one and the prices range from $30 to around $100. The site is also available in French.

Kijiji - a site like Backpage
Great alternative but available only in Canada


A jam-packed choice for feature-rich sites lovers. This wouldn’t be a classic choice when looking for sites like Backpage, but it surely is one of the best alts in terms of what this website has to offer. Having dozens of thousands US visitors, this site is a hidden jam you have to know about and must be part of your advertising sites list.

Gumtree also has a dedicated app that works flawlessly, offering a great user experience. Most of the services offered on Gumtree are totally free, especially the ones for private sellers. I tried to post a new listing and the whole process including image uploading took me around 7 minutes. The listings on Gumtree have a very pleasant design and make it fun looking for bargains or posting your offerings.

The main disadvantage is that Gumtree isn’t yet available in the US but is available in the following countries: UK, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, and Poland.


Another major ad player in the US with a wide range of categories available. I didn’t like the fact that their homepage is putting focus on animal trading, but I can’t ignore the fact that Recycler has a large audience and your chances of finding your next bargain or selling that old car are high here.

As it seems, Recycler is only available in the US and you can filter locations by cities and states. Being available from 1995 (started at California first), it is a well-known alternative for Backpage offering some of the following categories: Vehicles, Real Estate, Tickets, Community Services, Jobs, and much more!

The website looks a bit childish with its green-blue background and doesn’t have too many features, making it one of the fastest websites I have reviewed here. - old-fashioned and famous alternative
A childish interface

Another cool website I’ve found. I don’t have much to say – the site is easy to understand and get around at but it is a very small one, especially if we are speaking about American visitors – only about 200 American visitors per month.

It is a good site to publish on after you’ve done your advertising on the major ones, which some of appear here. There are many more sites like Backpage above that are better than this one.

Sites like Backpage – Final Words

I believe that sometimes, less is more. I included only the best and most trusted and safe websites for you to use to find your next purchase or sell anything (almost) you’d want. From time to time, I will keep looking for other sites like Backpage and will add them if I find something worthy. If you have found a website that seems cool to you and you would like to help me and share it with others, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll review the website and maybe add it here.

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