Sites Like 123Movies – The Best Alternatives in 2021

Without wasting any time, let’s cut to the chase. As good as it was, 123movies had some problems and has been shut down now, leaving people befuddled with the question of “What are some of the best sites like 123movies?” thanks to the huge variety of alternatives available right now.

In this article, I have decided to expound my knowledge about this topic. So, starting with some tips I will then add some alternatives, before ending off with a piece of final advice.

Things to Consider Before Moving On

On your way, you will surely be faced with websites that exist thanks to ads that can create a redirect loop and may include some malicious codes. Therefore, you should use an adblocker and avoid clicking on such ads.

I would, additionally, recommend the use of a VPN and you should try various sites to find one that suits you best. Lastly, you should check the website’s legality and assess if you’re ready to take the chance with a shady one or would rather spend time finding the right legal site.

List of Best Sites Like 123Movies

Now that you know how you can make best use of these, let’s dig into some of the best online streaming sites in 2021!


It is a leading alternative to the 123Movies site for watching online movies. Netflix can be recognized with its unique design, offering a range of movies, Tv shows, documentaries, animated series, and even Netflix Originals. It’s a trusted multi-billion worth site that provides online streaming without showing ads, and thus, does not ruin your experience.

Additionally, Netflix is very simple to use and various genres can be easily accessed. It is good to know that it automatically suggests new series and movies and also allows you to download them.

There are a few pricing plans to choose from depending on what is the video quality you are looking for and number of devices you can connect at the same time.

Netflix - 123Movies Alternative
Greatly and comfortably designed

Go Movies

Don’t wanna have to sign up? Fret not, this one might be a perfect free movie site for you. One of the best websites in order to watch movies online without signing up or registration is GoMovies. It is very similar to the 123Movies site and has a broad range of films from all genres be it horror, comedy, action, or romance, etc.

Furthermore, if you do register, you can even request them to add particular content to the site. The website also has a very efficient layout with sections like the best-rated content, the newest ones, or ones that match your last views. Lastly, it allows you to effectively apply filters and choose the content fitting your preferences.

I really enjoyed the clean interface and how everything is organized by blue pleasant buttons.

GoMovies Interface
Bright and simple to use

Look Movie

One of the most popular sites like 123movies for free movie streaming, ‘Look Movie’ doesn’t let its audience down. It doesn’t require you to set up an account in order to watch Tv shows and movies and is somehow similar to 123Movies, but with newly added features, attractive layout, and is simpler to use.

This particular website offers various genres for both shows and movies and also allows you to find films by genre, release year, and quality, among other filters. Furthermore, ‘Look Movie’ allows you to download the film and watch it later – a cool feature, in my opinion, making it a great alternative.

An important point to add – some of the movies that were added a long time ago, didn’t work when I tried to load them. The newly added ones worked just fine.

Look Movie - a nice 123Movies alt
Dark design with great speed and features


Wow, when it comes to sites like 123Movies, VexMovies is probably the most feature-rich site I’ve covered until this point!

VexMovies is a great site for those who are looking to enjoy their shows and movies online in HD quality and fast buffering. This website has an enormous library of movies and can be easily accessed by international users. It also allows you to download movies or Tv shows without any limited watch time.

This is a completely legal platform and it has been rated as near perfect by the users. It is also a sister site of 123movies, hence improving the trust factor. Lastly, Vex Movies does not require any VPN or Proxy and does not show any pop-up ads as well. If you are looking for free movie sites, give this one a try.

VexMovies - Sites like 123Movies
Feature rich and might be a bit overwhelming


PopcornFlix is one of the most popular free movie sites and has an intriguing look that allows the user to find movies based on any keyword and they make frequent additions to their site, updating the content regularly, and sorting all films and shows according to the various genres. However, its services are currently available only in the USA and Canada but will expand the business further in the future.

Also, it seems that all the content present on the website is genuine and legally obtained. The most outstanding feature of this website is its high streaming quality that will give you an excellent experience and not many pop-up ads will appear, hence providing a smooth experience.

I’ve asked a friend from the US to try and play a few movies on the site. He said that before every movie you’ll get an ad that can be skipped (similar to YouTube ads) and that the buffering speed can be sometimes slow (maybe it depends on the site bandwidth available at the moment).

In my opinion, any list of sites like 123Movies in 2021 should include this site as it is very similar to the original 123Movies site in terms of UX.

PopcornFlix Interface
As simple as it gets


SitesDude (me) has a long history with this one, going years back.

FMovies is a website with tons of content, including movies, shows, TV series, and documentaries. This website was launched in 2016 and presently, is one of the best alternatives to 123movies. Unlike other websites, this site allows you to choose content through a wide variety of filters including not just the content type, the rating, the genre, or the release date, but also the country of origin, among others.

Moreover, taking a step further, this site allows you to rewind not just five, ten, or fifteen seconds but also a full minute. However, this one does not support any kind of subtitles which some deem quite important. Another plus point is that it is entirely a free movie site and does not require any registration.

Recently when I checked the site, I saw that a big part of the movies doesn’t even buffer (you have to change the server a lot of times) and because the website is fully free you’ll get a lot of those on-screen pop-up ads, so don’t click on those!

FMovies site
A bit dark but warm


VUDU is a platform on which you can rent or buy your favorite movies online with up to 4K resolution Ultra HD video quality. This site also provides a collection of free movies on their website which is easily usable on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, etc. The competitive advantage of VUDU is “Disc to Digital” through which they allow you to turn your Blu-ray or DVD collection into digital movies.

Like most others, this site also lets you watch movies online or download them. It offers some original movies, like “Adventure Force 5” and “Mr. Mom,” and will surely expand further.

I haven’t tried to subscribe to Vudu, but as stated above, I saw some decent titles available for free.

Solar Movies

SolarMovies is another platform for watching online movies that provide services free of cost. In this, you will also be entertained with various categories of different movies, shows, series, and even documentaries. Additionally, there is the feature of trending movies in it is a competitive advantage for Solar Movies.

It, however, earns from the ads which can appear up somewhere between 4 to 6 times per movie. The site is of course virus-free and no pop-up ads will appear up at all, allowing a rather consistent experience. SolarMovies exists for a long time and can be trusted as a good choice for a site like 123Movies.


YesMovies has a large number of users and while pop-out ads are present on the website, they do not make trouble while streaming. They allow you to stream, download, and install the YesMovies android and IOS applications for mobile devices as Ill and is rather a new business, launching in 2016.

You’ll also find a variety of genres like action, romance, drama, thrill, horror, sci-fiction, and animated movies. Also, you can search for your favourite film and you’re good to go. Lastly, the website lets you find content that is currently showing in the cinema and watch their trailers, synopsis, and casts. It is a great alternative to 123Movies and is completely free.


Icefilms is a similar kind of Ibsite even with better content and a great alternative to 123movies. It has a mission of collecting and sorting links of famous trending movies and these are completely legal as Ill, leading to HD resolution, ads-free content. These links are under the name of Vidoza, MixDL, Vidlox, VBin, ClipW, and fastDL and don’t require downloading too.

A unique feature is the chat policy which lets you chat with other members and also allows you to request the addition of missing content through these chats. The site has a good Alexa rating, increasing reliability.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is a movie streaming website that has recently gained a lot of popularity and is considered in line with the major streaming platform Netflix. It provides its consumers with a wide range of movies and TV shows from different genres, hence catering to multiple audiences with diverse tastes.

This website offers a one-month free trial to its customers after which, if they wish to continue availing the services of Prime Video, they need to subscribe. This, again, includes a lot of content and, belonging to a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, this site is really as good as it gets.


Vimeo is an American video-hosting, sharing, and services platform and its model is a lot like Youtube, with some Ill-thought modifications. This also has a free version but the paid one offers a lot more diversity and you can also market your own business here, collaborate with others, or even monetize your videos.

You can not only upload and watch recordings here but blogs, educational videos, and customer stories from fitness, e-commerce, faith, and real estate genres are also accessible. This, lastly, has been expanding dramatically and is a highly-trusted brand.


Looking for an enormous source of free entertainment? Don’t worry. Crackle has got you covered. This is another free movie site and is a fastest-growing alternative to 123movies that offers a broad range of movies as Ill as TV series in high-quality resolution and also has seamless navigation that will assist you with browsing the latest movies, series, and TV shows of your choice in just a jiffy.

As the site has been known to update its content regularly, you can also always grab onto the latest movies. Crackle has a user-friendly interface that lets you enjoy videos without any distortion at all.


Showbox has a similar interface to that of 123Movies and is convenient to use. You can perform online streaming or download the movies to watch later and this site is completely free and highly user-friendly.

In addition, Showbox allows you to save items in the library that can be watched later
And, it has various features which allow you to play around. Based on the origin, genre, and other parameters, this site allows the audience to search through a wide collection of the latest movies (like all the other sites like 123Movies we’ve mentioned until now).


I have to admit that Putlocker is a personal favourite of mine for years now. I’ve used this site A LOT, even when 123Movies was still available. For me it isn’t just a regular 123Movies alt, it’s an actual gem in a pile of stones!

Offering a variety of entertainment options ranging from movies to TV shows and documentaries, Putlocker is another of the great sites like 123movies. However, in some countries viewers have faced trouble gaining access to it and had to use a VPN or Proxy.

The interface of the site might seem a bit dull but it does offer great features which more than makeup for the negatives. For instance, when you select a movie or a show, Putlocker provides its reviews and explanation of the plot for better understanding. As I said, a special gem 🙂

Popcorn Time

This is another great service in order to watch movies online when searching for sites like 123Movies, with a big collection of films, TV shows, and documentaries. Also, Popcorn time allows its users to watch the trailers and read the reviews before watching a certain movie or a show in order to get some insight.

Popcorn Time is a great service to use, but keep in mind that it requires downloading their client and that the streaming works similar to the way that Torrent does. If you have no issues with downloading a program (which is completely safe to use).


Another decent site to watch movies online is Bmovies. The site is simple to use and offers various entertaining movies that can be easily found in a search bar. They do show various popup ads that can distract you and ruin your experience.

To be honest, I found out about this site only when I started writing this article so I can’t tell you anything beyond the above.


In case you are looking for a seamless alternative to 123Movies that works steadily on mobile devices, give Yomovies a try. It is a great online platform that provides audiences with fresh and the latest content.

Furthermore, this site ensures the smooth streaming of movies and shows to provide an extraordinary experience to their users. I want to add that this website is more focused on South Indian and Bollywood films. These were dubbed to English and several other languages and are accessible to most audiences.

Sites like 123Movies – Final Words

Even though I have tried my best to include just the most reliable sites like 123Movies, some will be down from time to time and may even die off. Or, they might become malicious which is why you should use anti-malicious software and I would recommend you check different sites that are listed here to find the best 123Movies for yourself.

Thank you for reading!

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