About The SitesDude – Who Am I?

Hey friends!

I am Daniel and I am behind the magic of finding great sites that are similar to sites you enjoy visiting.

Since I remember myself, the internet is my life and my goal is to help people find the best possible experience on the web.

On SitesDude, you will find sites that remind of and that are at the same category as different popular sites. We all know those “huge” famous sites and I am here to help you find the smaller and sometimes better options!

Sites get deleted, sites become expensive, and more – there a lot of reasons why you should always have alternatives in your arsenal. Alternative and similar sites are my professionality!

To operate the site, I tam using Google Ads – please kindly understand it and I hope it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to you.

Remember, since I am doing it all by myself and trying to do it greatly, I would love to get your feedback – contact me today!